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Alpha Omega Investigative Group, LLC  offers various types of background investigation packages and an A La Cart options to our clients. For detailed information about these services please click on the blue box below. 

Specific information is required prior to conducting the background investigation and all requests must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other Federal laws and employment regulations governing background investigations.  For more information and pricing, please contact Terry Johnson or Michael Johnson for further information. 

To take advantage of this service, clients/applicant must follow the steps listed below.

  • Click on the Background Investigation Authorization Form found below 
  • Print the form
  • Complete the form and sign at the bottom  
  • All forms must have an original signature or it will be rejected
  • Scan the form and email it to Terry ( or Michael ( OR mail the completed and signed form to the following address:

                 Alpha Omega Investigative Group LLC 

                 P.O. Box 91245

                Tucson, Arizona 85752-1245

It is highly recommended using registered mail for tracking purposes.


When the background investigation has been completed, a copy is emailed to the client/applicant. Alpha Omega Investigative Group, LLC will mail a copy of the investigation to the client/applicant using Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested for an additional fee covering the cost of the postage.

Background Investigation Packages


Typically, we can have a basic background investigation completed within a minimum of 3 business days. However, depending on unforeseen circumstances the turnaround time may be greatly impacted. 


The client/applicant understands Alpha Omega Investigative Group, LLC collects information from third party sources and cannot guarantee the accuracy of such information.  Such third party information is included in all reports on an “AS IS” basis.  Alpha Omega Investigative Group, LLC disclaims any and all liability that may arise regardless of the circumstances due to the client’s/applicant's misuse of the information contained in reports or use of the information contained in reports in a manner other than as Alpha Omega Investigative Group, LLC intended or in violation of applicable laws.    



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