Michael Johnson


Michael Johnson is a United States Army combat veteran who served over nine years on active duty. Michael originally joined the Army as a Combat Medic and later changed his specialty to  Artillery where he fast tracked as a soldier to become a non-commissioned officer (NCO) and completed numerous Army schools to include the Warrior Leaders Course, Army Military Police School and the Army Corrections/Internment Course to name a few. He has  more than fourteen years of combined comprehensive mechanical and technical experience in military operations, dangerous and explosive material handling, security operations, investigations, incident reporting, emergency response team procedures, force protection procedures and disaster response and management. 

Michael also has experience in developing and implementing policies, standards as well as safety and security procedures. He has highly refined communication and interpersonal skills cultivated throughout several high-profile operations and critical leadership positions to include his time in the military as an NCO. Additionally, with over nine years of military, leadership  and combat experience, Michael excels in high-pressure environments, he is proactive, safety focused and results oriented all while being a decisive problem solver with highest level of personal and professional integrity. 

Michael worked as a Private Investigator prior to joining the Army in 2005 where he conducted investigations and was licensed in Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. 

Michael currently holds Private Investigators licenses in Connecticut,  Massachusetts and New Hampshire and Property and Casualty Adjusters licenses in New Hampshire and Rhode Island. 

Michael has an extensive work history in the insurance field in fraud identification and recognition, special investigations as well as in depth background checks and surveillance. 

He has identified approximately 30 fraudulent insurance claims since 2016 which have lead to SIU intervention or litigation with more pending. Currently he is assigned as the lead Field Investigator in the State of Massachusetts for  one of the top claims management service companies in the United  States.