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Pro-Bono Case Review

Recently I had the pleasure to meet Mr. Terry Johnson and Mr. Michael Johnson from Alpha Omega Investigative Group LLC (AOIG). It was immediately evident both possessed a profound knowledge in their practice. With that being said, it gave me comfort turning over the evidence collected by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) in the murder of my son SPC Taylor Williams to AOIG. While conducting their investigation and remaining unbiased, both demonstrated empathy for my devastating loss. The nature of my case was extremely delicate and personal, I would recommend AOIG to anyone looking for a professional and proficient investigative team. 


Nichole Williams

Past Work

I had my first opportunity to work with Terry Johnson in the mid 1980’s when I was a special Agent with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Terry was with the Arizona Department of Public Safety and was heading up one of the major drug investigations in the history of our country. It was a task that would have overwhelmed most investigators, but Terry handled it masterfully dealing with other investigators all over the United States as well as other countries. 

Over the last 45 years I have had the pleasure to work with many of the best law enforcement officers in the world and I can say without hesitation, Terry Johnson is one of the “Best of the Best”. 

I feel privileged to have worked with Terry and to call him my good friend.

Director Jim Leach (retired)

Criminal Investigation Division

Tennessee Department of Safety

Satisfied Customer

Recently I was in need of a private investigator hired the Terry Johnson from the Alpha Omega Investigative Group LLC. It was a pleasure to have Terry conduct his services for me. A very friendly and straight forward person. Never once did I feel left in the dark during the process as Terry provided constant updates throughout, allowing me to feel at ease. I would consider the handling of my matters to be professional in every sense of the word. 


Satisfied customer,

Tyler N. 

Job Well Done!

I decided to reach out and hire Alpha Omega Investigative Group, LLC (AOIG, LLC) for services during one of the most difficult times in my life and words cannot express how that decision has helped shape my life for myself and my daughter. The level of professionalism and dedication I received as a client superseded my expectations and quite possibly been the best business relationship I have ever encountered. The team at AOIG, LLC was able to provide me with overwhelming evidence within less than day of being contracted and continued to uncover things that I never expected to be uncovered. They were able to forge correctional networking that I myself would have never been able to and reached the level of high ranking officials within my states specialized police units. My main communication was with Mike and words cannot describe how dedicated and invested he was with my case. He was available at any time of the day or night and even late night hours. If I needed anything for my case he was able to provide me with the details within minutes and if he wasn’t able to answer my text message or phone call he promptly returned them within that same hour. I could honestly write a novel of how dedicated the AOIG, LLC team is with each one of their cases but I urge anyone that is reading this review and needs some type of investigative services to reach out to them. Even though I have stopped collecting evidence for my current situation Mike continues to touch base with me on the process I am undergoing and continually offers any assistance with any questions or details I need help with. In my eyes that means so much more to me to know that they have provided the service I needed from them and they still care enough to touch base with me every day, if that’s not the definition of dedication I don’t know what is. I hope I never need to use this type of service ever again but if I do there is no question in my mind on who I would call. AOIG, LLC is by far the best investigative firm I know. 

Chris B.

Pro-Bono Case Review

I met Terry Johnson thru a mutual friend after I told my friend that I thought my husband was beaten by people my husband knew; and not only did I think this (along with my husband's family) but that I had a ton of texts and Facebook postings that Terry went through as well as all the Coroner's pre and postmortem photos that I had, the 600 page hospital documents, the ambulance report and the Nevada Donor Network documents.  He took my case as Pro Bono which validated my feelings were right.  Someone beat my husband and covered it up.  The beating my husband received put him in the hospital and in 55 hours he died at the hands of the Nevada Donor Network and the UMC in Las Vegas hospital.  My husband came from a large family so there were hours of texts that Terry had to read and piece together to make a "probable cause" case.  He had conversations with an Expert from the medical world who has and is currently working in a hospital in the ER/Trauma departments who saw the photos of my husband and stated his injuries were not consistent with falling down concrete stairs and landing on a concrete floor. He spent endless hours on the Internet researching falls going down stairs and was able to validate what I and my husband's family thought, he did not fall down stairs to get the deep black/purple bruising and on the left side of his chest, a black/purple bruise under his left rib area, a right black eye and the right side of his mouth was also beat up and swollen.  Terry even gave me comfort when I was texting him that I didn't want to live another day or take another breath because of the pain and emptiness I had (and still have), Terry text me that thru out his career in Homicide he has lost many friends and loved ones and knowing I am a Christian he sent me some verses from the Bible.  Terry has given me and my husband's family HOPE.  I will be meeting with the Nevada Attorney's General in the near future with not only my research in regards to the Donor Network receiving money for my husband's organs as "research" but also the report that Terry put together outlining a very strong "probable cause" case to the people who beat my husband. 

Sandy R.

Past Work

I have known Terry Johnson for more than 30 years.  For the first 10 years, I had the pleasure of working as one of Terry's supervisors in the Criminal Investigation Bureau of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.  During those years, I watched Terry conduct some of the most sensitive and complex  investigations DPS handled.  These ranged from complex narcotic investigations to conspiracy to commit murder involving politicians in western Arizona.  In every case, Terry was the consummate professional and his investigative skills were second to none.  I watched Terry investigate numerous homicides--including more than a half-dozen line of duty deaths of his fellow DPS officers.  These are immensely difficult and emotionally trying endeavors that demand attention from only the highest quality detectives--like Terry Johnson.  I can say without equivocation that if I needed a preeminent detective, it would be Terry.

Michael Denney

Retired Captain

Arizona Department of Public Safety


Maricopa County Attorney's Office