Sheldon Borenstein – Forensic Artist


Independent Contractor

 A forensic artist can illustrate the anatomy to accurately demonstrate injury without using the graphic nature of actual photos. 

Sheldon Borenstein is an experienced forensics artist whose unique background allows him to specialize in a diverse range of fields. He is an expert at crime scene, homicide, arson, facial, and aging reconstruction, as well as identification. His proficiency and ability in these areas cannot be found anywhere else. For example, in aging reconstruction he doesn’t simply age the person. He creates multiple versions of them, while changing the circumstances of their life for each version. Also, his understanding of the science of fire allows him to reconstruct arson scenes with great accuracy. Not only is he an artist, but also an inventive problem-solver, a dedicated researcher, and a man who is a true master of his craft.

As a classically trained artist, Sheldon converts complex crime scene information and verbal descriptions into a simple visual narrative that can be understood by any audience. His forensic experience includes working with autopsy photos and reports, police statements, and crime scene photos. He takes this information and visually recreates crime scenes and uses his extensive knowledge of anatomy to illustrate detailed bullet trajectories and tie the forensic evidence acquired at the crime scene to the victim in a clear and easily understood manner. His ability to create a clean and organized visual timeline of events allows for a jury to easily understand what took place at the scene of the crime, allowing no room for misinterpretation of facts.

Sheldon has 30 years of teaching experience. He has given lectures at schools throughout the country. He taught a training program for Warner Bros. feature animation that involved training over 100 new recruits and employees. He also taught at Warner Brothers’ United Kingdom, Denmark, and Texas locations.

Sheldon has 20 years of university teaching experience. He taught classical figure drawing at California State University Northridge for two years. He has also taught foundation drawing, painting, and design as it applies to feature films at Chapman University’s Dodge Film School. He has over 16 years of teaching experience at San Jose State University where he is currently teaching figure drawing and anatomy for animation.

A sample of Sheldon's illustrations can be found at Crime Scene Forensics, LLC  and Fire Graphics